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Lil @ garden grown

I am so impressed with this article, the fact you have been able to get a yield of wheat from your own garden is wonderful. Unsure it would work for me over in the UK climate though.

Garden Blogs

Really interesting and informative article. I would love to harvest my own wheat, that would make you so self sufficient. Don't think we have the right climate here in the UK though, although I could be wrong.

That's great that you got higher yields than the agricultural trials. Apparently yield isn't everything, as I've just been reading about how the quality of wheat is affected by breeding for yield only. The height of the plants is also a factor in quality, according to one author.

Section 4 talks about how selecting for quantity reduces the gluten and the quality of the wheat, while section 5 talks about the differences in height of modern commercial varieties versus the older varieties. It's in French so if you need summaries in English I could try to help!

This information sheet comes from a professional baker's website, and professional bakers are more than anyone concerned with the properties and qualities of wheat!!

So anyways, I think it's great that you managed to grow out an older variety, and thanks for all the information on your growing & threshing experiences!

H. Mark Delman

Thanks very much for the link. Ill have a look and use Babelfish to do some basic translation.

Kind regards,


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