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Frankie Dawson

Wow, thanks for this! What a useful spreadsheet! I will definitely be using this.

H. Mark Delman

Thanks for visiting the web site. I hope the calculator helps you. Have a great gardening season.

Steve T.

Hey Mark,
Thank you for this great tool. I generated a local to our garden, planting schedule and posted it to our community garden website to help the new (and old) gardeners figure out when to plant seeds. VERY HELPFUL! website.
Thank you again. Happy Planting and gardening.

Very Best,
Steve T.

T.J. A

This is great! Thanks for sharing!

When I saved it, it was protected by a password. I'd like to be able to sort/filter the 45 items by planting date. Can you share the password?


Diane Creed

I am trying to plan when to start the seeds for my fall crops. Do you have a calculator that takes the FIRST frost date into the calculation?

Appreciate your help.

H. Mark Delman

Hi Diane:

Sorry, I dont have one for the fall planting, but its a good idea and Ill think about building one. Thanks for visiting the PlanterTomato blog.


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