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Good for you! The switchover has become so early in the year that in the U.S. mid-Atlantic, the ground is often still frozen and it's usually too cold to get out in the garden. Not so this year, as our unusually warm winter is giving us 50-degree days right now. I spent much of today and yesterday out there doing some spring prep.

As for Daylight Time, I fully agree it does not save energy - just one of those pointless things Congress does to make it look as if they're doing something when they're not. Any one of a number of other measures would do far more to save energy: a higher gas tax, for example. But those would be politically difficult, while continually extending DST is quite easy.

H. Mark Delman

Its strange because I dont think congress really gets much credit for daylight savings time anyway. It feels like were doing it because... weve been doing it.
Enjoy the warm weather. Have a great season!


You definitely nailed it, JHawk23. They're just fooling the public with it.


Sometimes, it just makes me mad during this kind of season. I get a lot of headaches especially in the morning. But I love the idea of setting the clock an hour ahead. It's my perfect moment for my morning exercise.


I don't think I would spend my extra hour for shopping. There's a lot more stuffs to do other than that.


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