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There was a company here in the bay area that had a similar product. I think they went bankrupt. Expensive, you need multiples and probably an overkill. A trus gardener would know the conditions in their garden and would not let plants reach extremes of too dry, etc. also a good drip solution can be had for $160

H. Mark Delman

Seems expensive to me too.

Pat Tura

For a gadget driven guru this seems like a find however for a savvy garden it's an overpriced reminder of what you already know. I love the intercommunication of the device yet the price value relationship is way out of line. Maybe they made only a 100 devices and that's why they are so expensive.

H. Mark Delman

I think if youre right. If this were under $50, then I could see buying it for the novelty alone. But once it crosses $100, you have to ask yourself if this devices fixes a $100 problem. The sensor is supposed to provide users with light, temperature, fertilizer requirements and other data, but I think the real value for most people is knowing the soil moisture level and when to water. But again this is a $160 devices and you would need several of these for even a small sized garden. For $160 you could install an automatic drip irrigation system and not have to worry about watering at all. Well have to see.

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