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Thanks Mark. Great to know. We never seem to get enough garden peas. Looks like we could plant twice in the season.

H. Mark Delman

Im planting a batch with my daughter Lauren this afternoon. She is the pea-lover in our house and eats them before we even get them into the kitchen.


Did I miss read the forum or did you just over look a major pea group.
The Black eye pea(like the music group)is grown & cooked in Mediterranean,Pakistan, African & North America.

H. Mark Delman

Hi Joel:

Thanks for asking.

Peas like the ones mentioned in my post are all classified as under the genus Pisum. The black eyed pea is a legume, but not a member of the pea family; it is classified under the genus Vigna. This genus is also different
from another common legume, the bean, that is genus Phaseolus.

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