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I am so going to try this!


I definitely want to try this. We too love kale, but had never thought of this way of enjoying it.

Have you tried this yourself? It strikes me that the hardest part of this "easy" recipe may be to "thoroughly dry" it after washing. I wonder how "thorough" we're thinking here.

H. Mark Delman

I would recommend using lacinato/dinosaur kale if you have it, but it does work with other kale types.

I wouldnt worry too much about drying it. Do your best .... the oven will do the rest.

One more more thing I should have let people know is that it does not keep well. Its best to eat all in one sitting. Do a bunch or a half bunch and see what works best for you with regard to quantity.


I did finally get around to trying this, Mark. First time, I found the amount of salt specified was a bit much (it may depend on the amount of kale you start with of course); second time, cutting down the salt, was perfect.

H. Mark Delman

OK, glad you found a ratio that works for you. Thanks for commenting.

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