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Paul d'Aoust

Thanks for the information; I just bought a yuzu tree myself and I was looking for a few bits of info on how to keep it happy. Nice to know it doesn't flower until May or June; I was informed that mine would flower this year and have been disappointed so far, but May ain't over yet!

One thing I wanted to point out: 10°F is more like USDA zone 7 or 8, and also other people have discovered that the yuzu can only survive transient drops to 10°F -- only a few days at the most. More prolonged drops killed their trees. I'm in zone 6 (0 to -10°F) and I wouldn't dare plant mine permanently outside, let alone in zone 5 (-10 to -20°F).

The Japanese bitter orange, however (Poncirus trifoliata, aka Citrus trifoliata) can survive down to zone 6 or even 5, and is often used as the rooting stock for yuzu. However, it only lends a few more degrees of cold tolerance to the yuzu itself.

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