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How did this onion bag trick work for you thru harvest? Im considering it when my trees are ready in a year or two.

H. Mark Delman

I believe the bags saved a good portion of my apples. The squirrels did get some, but the bags were a deterrent. The solution works for small trees but as the crop gets larger it will be more difficult to do this. At some point it will prove unworkable, but hopefully the trees will be producing enough that I can tolerate the loss.

I think the best approach may be to try several strategies at once. This year, Im going to use the bags again, but Im also setting out traps ( These traps, dont kill the squirrels, they just capture them. Ive already set these out because my apricot is in bloom and have sent 5 squirrels into exile. I catch the bushy tails and then transport them to a park 5
miles away -- far enough that they wont find their way back so easily. Squirrels have ranges, so if I keep this up, I should be able to reduce the number of squirrels right around my house.

I also plan to add an additional measure -- some nasty smelling squirrel repellent. I think its made of garlic etc. and squirrels said to dislike it. I dont have any illusions that this alone would work, but I think a combination of bags, traps and stinky stuff will reduce my crop losses.

Hope this helps.



i have a major squirrel problem in my yard but ive found that though the squirrels love the stone fruits, they dont pay too much attention to the apples.
I still bag my apples, but to protect from bugs which can easily destroy a crop. I have been using the nylon footies, which can be bought for 250 for about $6. these are large enough to cover 2-3 apples. where did you buy your onion bags from. did they prevent codling moths from laying eggs in the fruit (i.e. did you find any little wriggling larvae in your apples when you bit into them)

H. Mark Delman

Hi Gerry:

I purchased the onion bags from a supplier I found on the Internet, but I cant recall who that was. I did not see evidence of codling moth, but I cant say it was the bags that did this. The mesh in onion bags is larger than in nylons, so I wouldnt trust them to do the job for you.

Thanks for visiting.


I am curious where you bought your bags. If you happen to remember, please reply. I cant find those bags anywhere online without a humongous order or from a sketchy website.



H. Mark Delman

Hi Eric:

Sorry, I cant remember where I got these from. See my previous response to Gerry attached to the same posting regarding squirrel prevention.

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