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Lachelle Norris

Mark, I remember us having a conversation on canning green beans some time back. My family actually likes the canned better than the frozen, but I think that's personal preference. Regarding the cooking beforehand, my aunt does, but the rest of us do not. We just pack quart jars (rooom temperature) with freshly broken beans. We then fill the jars with hot water and then place in the canner (same as you, 10 lbs pressure for about 25 minutes). Nothing better on a cold winter day than to be able to put some of these green beans on the table! Glad you've had a good crop this year ~

H. Mark Delman

Hmmm.... you have a good point here. I follow the recipe I have from Ball, the company that supplies the canning equipment. However, its not really clear why they need to be cooked in advance if they go into the canner. I think I like your approach here and will give it a try with my next batch. Thanks for posting this comment for my readers.

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