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The few tomatoes we've gotten have been quite small--almost not worth harvesting. The aphids devoured our broccoli plants earlier this year. I would like to say that they have thankfully left our tomatoes alone, but with a crop this meager, it doesn't much matter. We're hoping for more success when we get our roof garden up and running. In other sad news, moths took over our beehive :( any gardener knows that success in gardening comes from persistence!

Cynthia Sandberg

How is your grafted tomato experiment doing? Eager to hear about it in our cool, Northern Cali climate!

H. Mark Delman

Hi Cynthia:

This year has been so strange from a weather perspective that I cant really draw any conclusions. I had a poor year all the way round with my tomatoes .... cold weather, aphids and wilt made for a poor harvest. The grafted tomatoes did not appear to do any better than the others. I will test again next year.

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