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L.D. Johnson

Sounds like snake oil to me, or at best a novelty for someone. With the extra cost, is it worth it? In a fruit tree the extra cost is spread over many years. I doubt that even they claim twice the production, so why not plant twice as many which should be cheaper and still get more tomatoes?

H. Mark Delman

Hi LD, thanks for your opinion. The right approach is to test for yourself and come to your own conclusions. The best results may be for those that grow hydroponically. My understanding is that this is the way it is done in Australia and Japan. I dont have an opinion or vested interest in the outcome.

Eugene Davis

I have ordered grafted tomatoes for this season, one from MightyMato and three from Territorial. I will let you know how they do compared to the other, standard tomatoes, which are a combo of purchased plants and seed grown.(they do not ship for a week or two)

The science does support the use of these - it is not at all snake oil. Plus they are really not THAT costly compared to regular greenhouse or big box store plants. We are only talking a 10 buck or so difference. I can't speak for others, but that is pretty insignificant money unless you are buying dozens and dozens of plants.

Mark Delman

Thanks for your thoughts on grafted tomatoes. Let me know how it works out for you.


There is also another economical option for gardeners who grow their own tomato plants from seed at website. Rootstock seed, tube grafting clips (which is slightly easier then cleft grafting) and other supplies for starting and grafting are all available in small quantities.

If you never have problems with soil borne disease or low yield, then LD is right -- it probably isn't worth the time, trouble or extra cost. But heirloom tomatoes can really benefit from grafting for added vigor. Good luck!

Eugene Davis

More information on grafted tomatoes. The person that is sending my grafted tomato from called just now. It turns out that both Gardenlife and Territorial get their grafted plants from a wholesale greenhouse called log house plants. It is also in Cottage Grove Oregon (same as Territorial).

Also, she mentioned two points of information on grafted tomatoes:

1) They do better with lots of soil as the root growth is mega-vigorous. Small containers will restrict the yield. She said that "whiskey barrel" size for each plant would be OK but much smaller will shrink the yield.

2) They have found that they do much better in the fall. They told me that the same tomatoes, ungrafted, right next to the grafted version were failing last fall, from the cold, while the grafted plants soldiered on much longer.


I live in southern Oregon, can I overwinter a grafted tomato. I plan to cut the plant back and place the root and main stem with the grafted part into a suiteable container and place in an unheated area.

H. Mark Delman

Yes, I believe tomatoes are actually perennial. However, they suffer from many diseases and it is probably best to treat them as annuals.



im glad to hear people talk about the resaerch im trying to do. i think grafted tomato's can resist soil born diseases and blights which are common hear in zambia. please i also need your support during my research(school project). im doing a diploma in horticulture sciences.u can find me on facebook and my user name is KHULUMA SPEAK NCUBE. all the best.

H. Mark Delman

Unfortunately, we had some of the worst weather this year -- very cold and rainy. So all of our tomato plants did poorly. It was not possible to determine if the grafted tomatoes did better or worse than standard tomatoes. However, I will try to test them again next year. Good luck with your project and thank you for visiting my web site.

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