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Faerie Goatmother

I appreciate your desire to act as a counterbalance to commercial agriculture. I find that much of what I do as a raw dairy advocate serves the same purpose.

One thing that I have been discovering about shelf life is just how long things must sit around before making it to our shelves. Just as an illustration, if I make a batch of chevre for myself, I do not pasteurize the milk --I believe that pasteurization kills the good as well as the bad -- and yet that batch of chevre can remain perfectly edible in my fridge for up to a month! Similarly, raw milk can sit in my fridge unspoiled for two weeks or more. That's fantastic shelf life, I'd say! I've had store bought pasteurized milk and cheeses go bad on me in a week.

I think it would be such an improvement if we could move back toward buying or trading food that is super local, super fresh, super diverse in variety. It saddens me how the corporitized, government micro-managed food supply is choking the life (literally) from our food. Maybe it's time for an underground market in Palo Alto...

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