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beekeeper 2

How did the of the reorientation go?

H. Mark Delman

No issues whatsoever. I was surprised how easily the two hives combined.


Michael Neukirchen

Thanks so much for the info; I'll try it tonight!
Michael, Seattle

H. Mark Delman

Good luck combining your hives. Let me know how it goes.


Molly at Sucker River Apiary

I have a similar but different situation. I have a fairly strong hive that has lost its queen. I do not see signs of a swarm (still has honey stores, still has bee #'s and I have been ontop of swarm cells). I have a weaker hive that lost its queen some time ago and is in the final stage of replacing her (queen emerged from cell and I figure I have ten days before I should see eggs). I think I should combine these hives. Does it matter which one I put below and which one I put above the newspaper? Is there a reason this is not a good idea?

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