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Julianne Idleman

Thanks for this post. So far I have Elderberry and Borage that I started from seed. After reading this I plan to add Goldenrod and Tansy, which should mix in well with what I already have growing. What kind of Echium are you going to use?

H. Mark Delman

Hi Julianne:

Summer Winds has Echium Candicans for sale, but I would like to get the larger Tower of Jewels variety. I think Ill need to order this online. Let me know if you want to buy the same and we can order two plants and split the shipping costs.


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I love the yellow flower so much. It's beautiful for me.

Brenda Duchene

Thank you for providing the information it was very helpful

H. Mark Delman

Thank you for the kind words and for visiting the PlanterTomato web site. Good luck with your garden this year.

LJ Vieaux

These plant additions will make a great addition to our bee friendly acerage. Thanks again for the recommendations.



I am currently teaching children that bees are not mean and scary but that they are extremely helpful. Our upcoming project is planting "bee friendly" flowers in the garden. Your website was very informative. Thank you so much!


H. Mark Delman

Hi Megan:

Glad this helped. If you think the kids would be excite about it, send me some photos of the garden later this summer and Ill post them to my web site with a notation that your class created the garden and any other details you think would be interesting.


Jan Weaver


Goldenrod is not the source of your allergy problems. Its pollen is too heavy to be transported by wind, that's why the bees like it so much. It was probably ragweed, which is wind pollinated and which blooms at the same time as goldenrod, that caused your problems.

H. Mark Delman

Thanks very much. Ill look into this. Fortunately, my allergies have been declining over the years and I really only have a few days that are bad each year.

Lucas Youngerberg

Your allergies should go away, in time, as you continue to eat the honey your bees make, because of the pollen in it. Thanks for the info!



Where online can I buy theses seeds?


Nice flower photography and also for the information youve provide.

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