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Have you used this? How'd it work for you?

H. Mark Delman

I completed this after the honey harvest this year, but I am very confident it will work because I build and used a prototype which you can see on my blog as well



On the drill end of the threaded rod, it looks like (from the photo) that you have some sort of adaptor for inserting into the drill. Am I seeing that correctly?


H. Mark Delman


You are correct. I dont know what this little device is called, but it allows you to connect two threaded rods together. You can find it in the parts section of a good hardware store.

The bottom rod is completely threaded. The top rod was threaded at the bottom but smooth after an inch or so. As a result, it was more like a drill bit so I used this smooth rod on the top where it would go into the drill.

The trick is to find rods, nuts and connectors that are all the same diameter AND all have the same number of threads -- if you go to your hardware store youll they should be able to help you.

My recommendation is to remove the connectors and nuts from the packaging before you leave the hardware store and test that everything works.
Otherwise, youll be making a lot of trips back to the hardware store to return items and buy new ones.

Hope this helps.


Genene Wight

Thank you for sharing your ideas & hard work. Very clever. This is the homemade extractor I'm going to start making TODAY!

captain nemo

It looks to me as if you could convert this to a eight or even ten frame unit by orienting the frames off of the center like they do in the commercial units.

That should reduce the centrifugal stress on the foundation. Especially when you are spinning the first side of the frames which would have honey loaded cells on the opposite side. The weight of the full side would easily destroy the frame, then you are back to crush and strain.

H. Mark Delman

Thank you. You make a very good point. In fact, I did destroy a frame when I ran the drill to quickly. I would encourage folks considering constructing an extractor of this type to heed captain nemos suggestion.

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