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That is soooo cool! How long did it take them to figure it out. I have also never seen a video make this way like a scrapbook page. What program do you use?

H. Mark Delman

It took the chickens 3 seconds to figure out how to use the waterer. Once I set it up, I used my finger to engage the valve several times in succession. Doing so makes a clicking noise; chickens are naturally curious, so they came over to have a look and peck at the valves. They then learned that the valves would provide a drink. That was it.

The video album is made using Apple iMovie. Adobe and others make video editing programs that might do similar tricks on a Windows based computer, but iMovie is really easy to use if you have a Mac.

Lachelle Norris

Hey Mark, looks great! - I'm always having to clean the metal waterer ... but I'm wondering about how this will work when temps drop down below freezing ... right now I have a heated waterer for the girls, but it still gets mucky ...

H. Mark Delman

In my neck of the woods, it almost never gets below freezing, so I dont have a good answer for you. I think in colder climates folks put some sort of warming element in the water and the same might work here.

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