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Richard Martyniak

Label downloaded and had no probs in Illustrator CS4. Thanks!

H. Mark Delman

Glad to hear it. Good luck with your bees this year.

scott palmer

would like to the the lable design please to put on my honey jars to make them look more presentable please.

Robin Weese

For some reason I can't get your template to download - could you please email it to me? Your label design is beautiful!!

Many Thanks!

heidi mb

Thanks! I was able to download the template using Firefox, but not with Safari fyi.

H. Mark Delman

Thanks for visiting. Good luck with your honey.



I cant seem to download this template can you please email me a copy thank you.


I run a home sweet tea bottling operation, the drinks run for under two dollars so I can't waste the extra pennies per sticker page.

This site covers turning on borderless printing for most printers:

Even with that, you will find it difficult to get a template to work in photoshop. Most have the correct size circle, but it is not set on the page correctly. I have spent the ink and paper and time to make my own for photoshop cs4 which I would be happy to give to you to post for download on your site. Simply shoot me an email and I will send you the .psd.


ubi mei, ibi apes.
What is the correct version?

H. Mark Delman

This looks like a mistake on my part. Gasp!

The original Latin phrase is ubi mei, ibi apes - where there is honey there are bees. I inverted the expression because I wanted to make it where there are bees there is honey but it looks like I substituted a second ubi where it should have been an ibi.

I dont know Latin, but if you know some one who does, please forward to them and see if we can clear this up. Then Ill make the change to the template and repost.

wolfgang sterrer

The original is:
Ubi mel ibi apes - where [there is] honey, there [are] bees.

You can invert it but it still has to mel not mei:

Ubi apes ibi mel

H. Mark Delman

Thanks for the correction!



Downloaded with no problems. Now I have to learn AI. I have a long road ahead. lol

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