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David Nash

That is an awesome idea, I am going to use this and blog on the results. This is genius.

captain nemo

Very interesting.

Couldn't you adapt this to one of the honey five gallon bucket kits from Dadant or Brushy Mtn,?

I recently used a hand powered three frame rig which used a twenty gallon garbage can as its collecting bucket, and stainless steel covers which just lay held in place with your free hand.

Only problem with it was clean up was a bear.

But it was a loaner, and free is always worth a little trouble.



H. Mark Delman

I think it would be worth trying, but a bucket is fairly small. It might prove hard to keep the frames from hitting the sides when using the drill.


did you get the 4 frame extractor finished?

H. Mark Delman

Yes, but I found the 2 frame to work better.

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