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I'm so glad I was able to track down your very informative blog via your Amazon comment. I'm planning a purchase of the VacUpack and wondered how yours has faired this past year. Which model do you have?

I'm trying to decide if the VacUpack Deluxe will serve my needs since the Elite version is more $, and, while I admit to liking the stainless steel of the Elite, I know I don't *need* to have a stainless steel vacuum sealer. I do a fair amount of veggie/fruit dehydrating (love my Excalibur) and I package up bulk amounts of organic grains, beans, cocoa etc. My guess is that the Deluxe will be very sufficient.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions here and on Amazon- they're so helpful!

H. Mark Delman

Hi Jennifer:

Thanks for visiting my blog. If you do lots of hunting and fishing or have some sort of commercial food business, I think the only way to go is a chamber vacuum sealer. However, these are generally several thousand dollars. I am using my sealer for my home garden and found the VacUMaster a really great, moderately priced solution. I used this quite a bit last year and found that it worked very well. I recommend that you buy the bags from VacuMaster since they sell better grade bags. I cant speak to whether the stainless steel model is better or not. If its not going to sit on your counter all the time, the way it looks probably doesnt matter very much anyway.



Thank you for your opinion and advice on the bags. The VacUmaster sounds like a very well-made product.

My husband has a chamber vacuum he uses in his ceramics studio and now that *really* has me wondering.....hmmm....

Experimentations aside, my garden produce is calling for a more immediate solution and it's most likely going to be a suction vacuum sealer.

Thanks again!

H. Mark Delman

Give your husbands chamber sealer a try. Whats the worst that can happen --- a little clay on the outside of the bag.

Gary Neal

So you can vacuum sealers to preserve vegetables? I'd only ever heard of people saving meet in these things, but I guess it makes sense. This is great news! Thanks for the post!

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