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I am sorry to undo what you have done here. I cant go outside in summer without this happening to me. I must be under a flightpath for bees up high somewhere as I can't see them or hear them.

I would say it is impossible for me to sunbath for more than 10 minutes without getting hit. The whole house is covered. (untill it rains)

Sorry but it seems that is incredibly innacurate maths. Or I am a statistical anomally of biblical proportion. ( I know you did a lot of work) The whole area I live in gets it. It's just local knowledge. We are all cover'd in bee poo every day. Did you take into account people who live under these flightpaths? We can't be the only place in the world.

My email is
Email me If you want me to send you photos. I was searching for information on where the bees are coming from and going to. Nothing yet.

I was provoked into coming in from the sun to do this search because today I was hit more than is usual. I would say five times in under 10 minutes.I wasn't keeping time. (Three times on the neck and face)

I would love to hear what you have to say.


H. Mark Delman

Hi Cameron:

If you look at your car in summer, you may see some little yellow spots on it. Thats bee poop. So youre right in the sense that the odds of being hit by a drop here or there is much higher, particularly if you live near a wild hive.

What I calculated was the odds of being pooped on by lots of bees all at once because you happen to be under them when they swarm. Thats not a drop or two, its like being rained on. Believe me, youll know the difference. A swarm of bees looks like a tornado. The odds of this happening to anyone are much, much higher because swarms occur only during a brief season and for just 10 minutes.

With any luck, youll have this happen to you one day :)



whats the odds of being pooped on by a single be randomly.. just happened lol

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