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I just love planting, growing, harvesting and eating beans. When other seedlings seem to struggle, bean plants never dissapoint. This year we planted Dragons Tongue heritage seeds. We want to try pickling them and making "dilly beans". Thanks for the post.



H. Mark Delman

Thanks Michaele - Dragons Tongue looks like a beauty of a bean. Since you seem to like it alot, Ill also try it out. The Etna beans I purchased were from Territorial and they happen to also sell Dragons Tongue; when I place my next order, Ill add this variety to the list. Thanks for sharing.

Julianne Idleman

I've already managed to squeeze in over a dozen varieties of beans this year and now you've got me wanting to try one more! We did Dragon's Tongues last year and they were great. I may have some seed left if you want to try it at your place.

H. Mark Delman

Hi Julianne:
As you saw in my fiddler post, Im maxed out on space, but thanks so much for offering. I think Ill have to wait till next year.

I did chit the potatoes you gave me and dried them for a few days. But my next move was probably a mistake. I then put them in a dish of water to try to sprout them. Not really a good ideas as they appeared to mold a bit. I did plant them and well see what happens.


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