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Nancy Grogan

We have begun to harvest our rampicante here in western North Carolina. We love it. We were not prepared for its tendency to take over the garden, but we are letting it have its way. Based on your info, we will let some rampicante stay on the vine to develop into a winter squash. I'm glad I took a chance and bought the seeds last winter.

Edward S

This is the best squash I have ever grown. Despite its name, it does not feel like zucchini. I did not know that I had to grow it on a trellis, and it took over the land leading up to the fence. But it is worth it.

H. Mark Delman

Ed thank you for your comment. I hope you enjoy my gardening blog and will visit again in the future.



California, Sonoma county- to avoid them taking over the garden we grow them on a trellis that backs the fire place. They get a little extra heat from the brick and do wonerfully climbing. they need a little help to get started and string to support vines and fruit. they grow straighter too.!

H. Mark Delman

Thanks for posting this tip for my readers. Good luck with your 2012 garden and have a happy holiday season and New Year.


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