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Thank you for the post. I like to plant kale because it remains green long into the cold weather. I can't wait to try Red Russian as a salad green. Did you start the plants from seed?

H. Mark Delman

Hi Michaele:
If you like regular kale, I think you are going to love this.

I started mine from seed -- Lake Valley Seed Company is the seed company; they distributed packets to a local garden center here in Northern California.

You can order Red Russian Kale online from Baker Creek Seed, Johnnys Selected Seeds and others. The variety is sometimes called Ragged Jack. Incidentally, Lake Valley Seed incorrectly specifies the specie as Brassica Oleracea on the seed pack. This is not correct, its Brassica Napus.

If you decide to grow Red Russian, let me know if you like it.

One more thing.... Im not sure how well this variety will tolerate heat, so you may need to wait to plant in the fall. You need 50-60 days
to reach maturity, so plan according to your hardiness zone.

-PlanterTomato (Mark)


hi micheal sorry if i spelt your name wrong. you might not like me because im a muslim but i do not care all i have got to say to you is that you have helped me learn so much about kale and i had to do my homework on kale because my science teacher loves kale he is now sooo impressed he told me to do an biography about you so i wrote about you and kale and moved to the highest set in school i would like to thank you sooo much. thanking you bye

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