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I'd disagree that the finger sandwich is a dying art in the UK, it was very much part of my growing up and always part of high tea on a Saturday afternoon. Not sure if you've got the correct cress for the sandwiches its nearly always the other type of cress thats used which you can buy in most supermarkets in the UK as a small sprouted seed tray, see below.

For the UK ultimate experience marmite and cress sandwiches are highly recommended.
Great blog by the way, congrats.

H. Mark Delman

Hi David:

I stand corrected. Based on the link you sent, watercress sandwiches are made with garden cress not water cress. That said, Ill need to taste the two to see whether it makes much difference as some greens taste remarkably similar. For example, theres a third form of cress called upland cress which I grow in my greenhouse in the winter here in Northern California. This type of cress tastes very similar to water cress and I dont think I could tell them apart in a blind tasting. Thanks for setting me right and for the kind words about the blog.

One more thing.... I didnt say finger sandwiches are a dying art, I said afternoon tea was a dying art. But Id like your opinion on that matter having botched the first part of this post

Many thanks


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