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My biggest challenge as being a fan of both dogs and chickens - is having a bird dog. But then again, every breed I have owned from a poodle to a pyrenees has ended up being a bird dog. : (

H. Mark Delman

Hi Michaele:

I have Labs, the classic bird dog, but they dont seem all that interested in the chickens. Granted the chickens are in a pen, but I would expect the dogs to express greater interest in some way -- digging under under the fence, charging the pen etc But nothing. Oh well.

Miss Sebright

Chickens are by far much easier to take care of. I have 8 chickens, that take very little care per day. I have 2 dogs that take more work, and demand attention. I love them all, but the chooks are my favorite.

H. Mark Delman

I think the fact that chickens are easy to keep is really known only to those that have them. Its a surprise to most folks and the primary reason why I wrote this post. I want to encourage people interested in backyard gardening to add chickens to the mix. They are super easy, fun and provide wonderful fresh eggs. My kids love them.


I'm really a fan of chickens. They are very easy to keep. i agree with Mark Delman. i vote chickens and i believe they won.
Best Wishes,

Mark Delman

Hi Olivia:

Just curious, how many chickens do you own?


I got chickens last year after owning many other types of pets my whole life. No question about it, if I had to give up all animals except 1 species, I would choose to keep CHICKENS! I absolutely love them, more than I ever thought I would. :-) They're easy, fairly self-sufficient, very entertaining, and of course the eggs are delicious!

H. Mark Delman

Thanks Andrea. Same with us - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish. Nothing better than chickens.


Mark Delman, i have 6 chickens. i have 16 chicks in the basement. The 16 chicks are straight run, my mom thinks they're all roosters. she does not want roosters. we killed 2 from our previous order because they were roosters. My previous order has the 6 chickens. used to have 8 before those 2 were gone!!


my dog lays me an egg every morning!! Guess who scoops it up off the lawn!


i have a story about my chicks also. this was taken last winter. well, my chicken Rita was in the coop. after 4 minutes, she slipped out. we don't have a top on our coop, but it was so cold last night the snow in their run turned to ice! Rita ice skated to the feeder. luckily, it wasn't frozen. she ice skated to the waterer. it was frozen!!! Rita started to peck at the ice, which made the plastic feeder fall from the can it was on, and all the chickens ran for their lives!!! well, then Rita finally found a way to crack the ice!!!!!

H. Mark Delman

Hi Olivia, thanks for your comments. I love the chicken ice skating story. Maybe shell make the US olympic team. Just needs to find a rooster to partner with for the ice dancing pairs event.

Cat Care

According To me ...Dog is a Best one...

Pet Care

Although chickens are easy to maintain. I prefer dogs or cats..

H. Mark Delman

Hi Jerry:

I have two Labrador Retrievers and a bunch of chickens. I like dogs alot as well. Most people think raising chickens is hard because they are not really familiar with them or havent even considered it as a possibility.
I wrote this post to make people more aware of chickens as viable pets.

-PlanterTomato (Mark)


Hi Mark, I'll get her a rooster to partner with! Rita is my sweetest chicken out of my 6 chicken flock!

Pet Network

I'm going to subscribe to this blog because it's very interesting

H. Mark Delman

Thanks for subscribing! Theres also a Podcast version of my post you can subscribe to if you prefer to listen to these postings, rather than read them.
If you are interested in animals, you can observe bees working at the honey bee hive in my backyard. You can see the bees on a live web cam during daylight hours in the U.S. The best times are 11:00 am to 5:00 pm US Pacific Time. The link to the honey bee camera is:

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