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Sheryl Cole

this question is for the experts out there. can you please help me? im one of the newbie bee keepers, i just started last month. i already have my bee hive and my healthy bees. but they are not as active as they used to be when i bought them. can someone please tell me the problem?

H. Mark Delman

Hi Sheryl:

I had a similar problem earlier this year. I noticed one of my hives went from very high activity to almost nothing overnight.
The problem was that the hive had swarmed and there was no queen in the old hive. I had to buy a new queen and install her.
As a first step, I would suggest checking you periodically to see if there are eggs and brood or perhaps queen cells (new queen on the way). I would also recommend posting this same question to a bee specific forum such as Bee Source-- -- to see if you can get some other ideas.

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