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Ok, so we planted these for the first time this year. They're blooming and won't be long. But, having lived a rural "sheltered" life...what do you do with them? We never had them as kids, and we ate EVERYTHING out of the garden. The only way I've ever had them is in stir-fry. Are they also good raw, or just steamed with butter? I usually only fix stir-fry once a month or so. Please tell me what to do with all of these things.

Mark Delman

Hi Teresia: Most of the time, we just eat them raw. In fact, they often don't make it into the refrigerator because my kids eat them up. You may be tempted to harvest Sugar Snaps early but you should wait till peas are well developed in the pod, like traditional English peas. Test by trying a pod or two and then make the call on when to harvest. I'm providing a link to a web site with lots of recipes. Type "Sugar Snap Peas" into the search box and you'll get a bunch of ideas. Thanks for reading and posting!

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