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Kelly at Chatelaine

This is amazing! I've been researching vertical wall indoor gardens for a couple of weeks. My husband wants to build one on our kitchen wall for fresh herbs year around
(we're in zone 5, Colorado). His plans are with dirt, but I don't want dirt....Thanks for posting this, I'll have him take a look at it!

H. Mark Delman

Hi Kelly:

The posted system is one that does fish and veggies. A less expensive system for only veggies that Ive used and can recommend is the autopot system.
Youll find full information on this in a blog posting ( ) You may be able to just hang these on little shelves on your wall.

The manufacturer in Australia also makes the same system as window boxes and these might work even better ( ) I do not know if they distribute the window boxes in the US. You might want to check with them or with a retailer called Ruturegarden ( Please post again to let me know what you decided to do. Good luck with your garden.

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