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Indoor Fountains

Great information!! I am so looking forward to getting out in my garden and getting my hands dirty!!This list is going on my fridge.

H. Mark Delman

Im glad this was helpful to you. If there are topics that you would like me to cover in upcoming postings, let me know. Im happy to help.

Brenda Feltham

I have planted Paul Robeson tomatoes in the past and they were very successful. They were a reddish brown tomato with a distintive flavor. They were the first tomatoes ripe and they were fairly prolific. They seemed to lose steam about half way through the season and then picked up in the late season.
I have also raised Cherokee Purples. They were also a nice flavor but not nearly as prolific.
For those of us who are not successful in planting from seed, I highly recommend getting plants from Love Apple Farm in Boulder Creek CA. I believe that she is selling all the tomato plants listed here. See the website for a list of the plants for sale. While she also has a blog, it is not as good as this one.

Brenda Feltham

Also on the Alpine Strawberries, they are small bunches of plants. They produce a bit more than regular plants and the fruit really small but is candy sweet. I have 3 plants in 1 one medium sized pot and there is plenty of room. When I bought them, I was told they were Albino Strawberries but they are not and they do turn red when ripe.

H. Mark Delman

Hi Brenda! Thanks for providing perspective on these varieties. The Paul Robeson tomatoes are new for me this year. Ive heard great things about them from other gardeners and Im encouraged to hear that youve had luck with them in this part of the country. The Cherokee Purple tomatoes have a reputation for being delicious, but also a bit more stingy on yield. When I did my review of the top seed catalogs earlier this year, I noted that some of the catalog companies, such as seeds of Seeds of Change, were honest enough to note this in the product description. Many thanks for providing the contact information for those that live in the SF Bay Area for Love Apple Farm. Im sure they appreciate the mention.

H. Mark Delman

What made these a winner for us was the intense strawberry flavor. Given the small size of the berry, it was a real surprise. Not that my wife and I got to eat many because the kids would sneak into the backyard and eat them right off the plants. No matter, thats why we grow them.

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