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Account Deleted

I'm all for eating what's in season but the list seems a little suspect to me. Apples? Turnips? In spring, these things and others on the list are certainly available, but not exactly in season (unless they're coming from the southern hemisphere).

I do, however, think of the first fresh spring peas, green onions, radishes, spinach, and all the lettuces. And here are one or two off-beat ones from my days in Turkey: green almonds shelled and served on ice; green plums.

H. Mark Delman

Ive never grown turnips, but I assumed they were overwintered. Ill see if I can get Organic Gardening Magazine to better explain this.

Mark Delman

Hi Steve:

I've e-mailed Organic Gardening twice and have not received a reply. Don't know what to tell you on this. I suspect you are right and the magazine published something in error.

Mark Delman

I spoke too soon. The magazine e-mailed me today. They have updated the web site to reflect the fact that Apples and Turnips are not spring veggies. Good eye Steve!

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