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Brion Keagle - author of the book Garden Imperative

Good information about possible seed shortages. I hope you'll review one of my favorite seed catalogs - Seed Savers Exchange. For a yearly fee, you can become a member, which puts you in touch with other heirloom seed savers with whom you can trade or buy seed. You don't have to become a member to try some of the best heirloom varieties though... the Seed Savers consumer catalog is available to non-members, and is chock full of great OP varieties you won't find elsewhere.

Mark Delman

Thanks Brion. I will add Seeds of Change to the List of catalogs to review. By the way, your book looks interesting and I've ordered it through Amazon.


Mark Delman

Hi Brion:

I did review Seeds of Change. It's a very good catalog. By the way, I started your book today. Thanks very much, I think it will be an informative read.

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