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Hi, I've considered it but never gotten around to growing it.

What other salad green would you say it most tastes like?

Mark Delman

Hi Pat:
The texture is somewhat crunchy and the flavor is mild. To my taste, bibb lettuce comes closest if I had to compare. Others say it taste like spinach, but frankly I just don't think it's that strong. My kids like it and eat all the time. I do recommend that you give it a try. However, consider putting it in a pot because it can be a very aggressive grower.


Yes I would certainly try it and would love to grow it but we are sun-challenged on our property and in our house. I've thought about trying to put a new roof over our front porch to hold a potted garden, but I'm not quite ready to bite off that project yet. Even though we live in DC, we have a lot of huge trees in our neighborhood, and I don't want to ruin the beauty and habitat by cutting them all down. So for now, I'm still buying my spring mix lettuce from the grocery store.

H. Mark Delman

Hi Dawn:

Its tough if you dont have light. Here are two ideas that occurred to me:

Plant inside your home in containers and add grow lights. If you are interested in this, I can point you in a couple of directions. But you will be burning electricity and one of the reasons to grow your own is to be more sustainable. Adding power kinda defeats this.
Another option is to approach a neighbor that has a sunny space that they arent using and offer to do a small garden in that space on behalf of both of you. You give them some share of whatever your produce and you keep the rest. Not only would this benefit you both, but you would have the distinction of being the only share cropper in America with a Masters


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