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Mark Delman

I wanted to provide an update to this post on the AutoPot to provide as balanced and fair a picture as possible. A hydroponic gardener from Greece was kind enough to provided a link to a research paper that compares the yields from the AutoPot system versus to that of rock wool run-to-waste systems:

The research indicates that the yield from AutoPots is 60% of the run-to-waste system. This suggests that users of AutoPots might get higher yields with other systems. That said, I would also point out that the study was done by commercial growers. For home gardeners, maximizing yield may not be as important as easy of use. Autopots are dead simple to operate and you don't need to be checking and adjusting nutrient levels (something a commercial grower might be better at doing). If you have additional information to share, I would be happy to post it.


That was a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing! Articles like this keep my updated with the current situations in our society or different body of knowledge that a human must know. I admire you guys for sharing your post.


That was a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing! Articles like this keep my updated with the current situations in our society or different body of knowledge that a human must know. I admire you guys for sharing your post.

H. Mark Delman

Thank you for the kind words and the encouragement. Please feel free to drop by again as I will add additional reviews -- I like doing these types of posts because I think people value unbiased reviews when making purchase decisions.


Hello! Good Article, nice and informative. One point that I feel needs to be made is that the round pots are the original Australian designed, patented and constructed models. The square pots are an unlawful copy, I think they originate from the UK. The original designer of the Autopot system is Jim Fah from Melbourne, Australia. Here is his website - you will find in the FAQ section a reference to the theft of his intellectual property. Folks, please do not support the lazy thief who stole this wonderful concept. Buy the original and the best and support creative innovation.

H. Mark Delman

Hi Dave:

I cant speak knowledgeably about the patent issue you mentioned, but thank you for pointing this out to my readers.


small garden ideas

I think these kind of pots are selling like pan cakes out there because of container gardening which is the IN thing now a days.


Dave makes a good point about the US/UK version which is copycat of the original AU design. Jim Fah the inventor of the Autopot wrote this letter about the copycat version ->

H. Mark Delman

Hi Steve:

Thanks for providing the link which is a service to those that read this blog.

Patent and trademark claims are notoriously thorny matters. Im not a lawyer and cant evaluate the legal claims of one or the other parties to this dispute. Therefore, I take no sides in this matter. I really believe that this is for the US and UK AutoPot companies to settle.

Jason Ralph-Smith

Hi seem to have all your wires crossed Future Garden are not the US manufacture of the AutoPot....we are and based in the UK.....It would be nice to hear from you as you seem to be writing articles that are quite misleading.....I am sorry you are having problems with Future garden........if you go to will see where else you can buy the for the isssue with ourselves and Australia I would have a chat with me before you write articles that are totally wrong....I can be reached via email or if you like you can Skype me at Jason Ralph-Smith......

H. Mark Delman

Hi Jason:

I currently use a hydroponic system that uses gravity and valves to supply nutrient solution to plants. This type of system is manufactured by your company in the UK and another company located in Australia. I am aware that you and this Australian company both call your products AutoPot and that there is a dispute between you over the right to use this name. I cant speak to the legal issues here. I feel it is up to you and your competitor to work this out.

What I can tell you, is that I have used your product and the Australian one. In my opinion, both systems work well. Again, its up to you and your competitor to explain the specific differences to consumers and let the market determine whether these differences are compelling.

The review
on my web site is not a negative product review. It is a review of FutureGarden, a distributor located in New York state. This retailer has distributed your product and that of your competitor. I was a customer of FutureGarden for about 1 year and was very patient with them considering how poor their customer service is. For perspective, I am not only customer to have problems with this supplier. Since 2007, the company has gotten 7 reviews on the Garden Watch Dog review site. Only one of these reviews was positive. Here is the web address ( ) but Ill save you the trouble of clicking

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